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The importance of reliability, safety and comfort.

Zac-Tranz fleet comprises mainly of the Volvo VNL 300 and 760. Our drivers find it spacious and easy to handle in their day to day activities also they can get the rest they need on extended hauls.

These power units provide Active Driver Assist which is in constant operation while the vehicle is in motion, providing stationary object detection with stationary vehicle braking, which sends audible and visual warnings if a metallic object is detected in front of the truck.  Braking assist will be applied—at speeds greater than 15 mph—when the system recognizes the stationary object as a vehicle, independent of whether cruise control is engaged. The driver will receive a warning up to 3.5 seconds before an imminent impact with the vehicle, and, if no action is taken by the driver, Volvo Active Driver Assist will automatically engage the brakes.

Selecting the Volvo 760 VNL series was intended to make life on the road easier and more profitable, no matter what load we’re hauling.


The latest VNL update features our most aerodynamic and fuel-efficient package. In fact, it offers up to 7.5% fuel savings* when paired with an aero trailer compared to the previous package. Up above, the roof air deflector complements the cab fairings, keeping the airflow attached and smoothing out costly turbulence between the cab and trailer. Also, the aerodynamic design of our mirror assembly reduces turbulence by attaching air more quickly to the tractor.


Out in front, the VNL features a new hood, bumper and lower airflow deflector, which work together to quickly manage airflow and efficiently channel it rearward. Down where the rubber meets the road, redesigned chassis fairings optimize airflow past the drive wheels and tractor-trailer gap.


To improve visibility and reduce maintenance, Volvo employs LED bulbs for all exterior lighting. All models feature LED high/low beam headlights, as well as LED turn, marker, and parking lamps. The premium headlamp also features a “signature” LED daytime running light.

Volvo VNL 300

Volvo VNL 760
Chassis pool

With over 400 varied chassis to choose from, we can easily accommodate any one of our client’s requests.

Our Lead B-train units are designed to carry a single 20’ container in both open or closed configuration and our rear B-train units with back to dock capability is designed to carry either one 20’, one 40’ or 53’container.

Having these options allows us to meet our client’s requirements including such chassis as our multi-user unit, this chassis has been designed to meet specific Maritimes provinces and U.S. regulations as well as to carry various sizes of containers as a single load.

Trailer pool

No matter what size your business is or the material you need to move, you don’t want to trail behind. Our inventory of semi-trailers is all you need to keep shipments moving safely and on time. If you’re interested in additional cargo protection, ask about used dry trailers with air-ride suspension. With hundreds of trailers available at your disposal we’ll make sure you’re supply chain requirements are met!


Genset chassis for Reefer containers.

Zac-Tranz offers refrigerated or heated service as well, we use Genset generators to ensure that cooling containers are maintained at the adequate temperature.




The Thermo King’s SG-4000 under-mount generator is simply the most advanced Genset solution on the market, meeting North American compliance requirements including: EPA, CARB, Environment Canada and EEA. A fully modular design means a solution for all applications, and intelligent controls ensure error-free operation. This piece of equipment is truly state of the art and reliable.

Flat bed

Whether you need a regular or a low-profile flatbed with 2, 3 or even 4 axles, we offer a wide range of vehicles with multiple options. Our tandem axle flatbeds are available with front wall, winches and straps for short or long distances. They are also equipped with air ride suspension, anti-walk safety dock systems and on some of our more recent units have air disc brakes. Other options depending on the haul can be one of the following, tridem axle low-floor flatbed, tandem axle drop deck flatbed, Quad- axle flatbed with self-steering or tridem axle flatbed.

Step deck

Step decks are usually built to withstand the most weight concentrated 50,000 lb in 10 ft or 70,000 lb overall. Depending on your requirements there can multiple options available such as tie downs, ramp and sign to name a few.

D-drop D-pool

Double drop trailers are ideal for their low deck height for hauling tall equipment. They feature a 10′ fixed wood neck, a specified well length, tandem, triple, or quad axles, and optional beavertail. The customer can specify the ideal configuration for their equipment needs.

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