The transport industry has changed over the years and has focused on the development of customized solutions to support a diverse range of industries. Each industry sector demanding their unique requirements and tailored solutions, some require storage, some hazmat, intermodal or drayage. Logistically speaking some projects can be quite daunting, putting those puzzle pieces together to create a seamless and sound operation which in fact may seem quite simple but is far from the truth.

The transport industry leaders of today had to forgo what business was like as early as a decade ago and quickly adapt to new modern state of the art technology driven operations, where every little detail is scrutinized to ensure that safety is prioritized, drivers habits and ability to follow procedures, GPS tracking, tags and regular updates are constantly monitored, so much so that the weather monitoring is even more essential than the bottom line. It would be fair to say and important to note that the industry in North America has prioritized Safety and the security and the importance of improved systems to monitor and track a company’s performance.

Some companies have eased in to this position where there mission is and continues to be “Serve clients with timely, effective and continuous road transportation services while providing the flexibility to courteously reach and exceed every expectation.” With more than 500 power units and trailers Serving Canada and the United States with massive amounts of square footage available for warehousing with an ever expanding supply chain network, with services that include short and long term storage, distribution, container de-stuffing just to name a few. One leader in the transport industry stands out.

Zac-Tranz, a Canadian based operation, strategically located across Canada with their main hubs in Montreal (GMA) and Toronto (GTA), has been attaining and surpassing client’s expectations with a new fleet of vehicles, updated technology, new supply chain partners and completely integrating western Canada by covering 100% of the province of British Columbia. Hats off to Zac-Tranz, a company that has adapted to the new transport environment and the development of an outstanding performance driven team.

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