Fleet Management & Safety

There are a lot of moving parts to think about when it comes to fleet management, our simple rule is get it there safely and fast.

Zac-Tranz team of professionals has been built for safety where the importance of eliminating distraction, using trip logs, tagging destination arrivals and departures while following tight schedules.

In today’s world, data and analytics are crucial tools and it is of the utmost importance to maximize the efficiency of our operators, reduce operating cost and recognize top drivers.

The Canadian ELD (Electronic Logging Device) mandate will only be implemented in June 2021 while Zac-Tranz have voluntarily adopted ELD since 2018 with 100% Hours of Service Compliant carrier with satisfactory rating.

Zac-Tranz provides mandatory driver training programs, quarterly driver safety meetings, and safety incentive program in place to encourage & spread safe habits.

Zac-Trans efficiency;

  • Keep tabs on our fleet, (driver, speed, location, job and weather).
  • Streamline dispatching, (scheduling, automated notifications, status calls-duration miles and drive time).
  • Trip logs, (capturing data, comprehensive logs).
  • Analytic reports, (diagnostics that allow us to capture valuable information on driver efficiency).
  • Scheduled Maintenance programs.
  • Real-time Tracking.
  • Using the most efficient route to reduce idle time and speed up deliveries.

Effectively using the appropriate fleet management systems allows Zac-Tranz to go beyond safety with a more efficient team and reliable trucks which has taken safety to savings.

We have seen the benefits first hand;

  • We have improved our drivers’ safety and satisfaction.
  • We have also improved client retention simply by avoiding delays, misinformation and breakdowns.
  • Our vehicles last longer and have a better resale value.
  • Repair cost and fuel consumption have significantly reduced.
  • Inspections frequency has been increased.

Zac-Tranz offers a Safety Inspired Service

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